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The following writing packages provide original stories, blog posts and newsletters that make your donors the heroes of the story, inform them of the impact their contributions make, and enable you to connect with them on a regular basis.

The Bronze Package: $125
For those with high hopes and small budgets.
* 1 original story per month
* 2 social media posts per month
* 1 two-page print newsletter per quarter

The Silver Package: $247 per month
For those who want to connect more often with their donors.
* 2 original stories per month
* 4 social media posts per month
* 1 four-page print newsletter per quarter

The Gold Package: $497 per month
For non-profits and ministries with multiple projects and a lot to say about them.
* 4 original stories
* 8 social media posts
* 1 eight-page print newsletter per quarter

Bid By The Project
* Website content
* Newsletters
* Fundraising Campaigns
Prices for these projects are bid individually based on a number of factors. If you’re interested in web copy, e-mail newsletters or press releases, please contact me to discuss the project.

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