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As a content marketing writer based in Shreveport, Louisiana, I specialize as a blog post writer, producing pieces that are original, engaging and SEO-friendly. Most of my blog post articles run between 300-700 words in length and feature SEO-friendly titles, subheads and a call to action, if appropriate.

I also offer other done-for-you services: graphic design and blog posting. The graphic designer on my team can produce creative graphics at an affordable price for you. And thanks to the five WordPress sites that I manage, I provide done-for-you blog posting and cSEO as required by the Yoast SEO plugin. (I can even recommend a web designer to add Yoast to your WordPress site if you need it.)

I’ve worked as a blog post writer for several national, regional and local clients, producing hundreds of blog posts. However, the ones listed below reflect a broad cross-section of my work as a content marketing and blog post writer. If you’d like to see more of my work, just let me know.

On Hold Company
Professional Voicemail Greetings: 7 Way to Make Callers Feel Like a Person, Not a Caller…
Seven Keys to An Effective Message On Hold Script
Has Your Message On Hold Provider Put You On Hold?

Aroma Impressions
How To Make A Powerful First Impression in Your Apartment Marketing Office
How The Scent of Vanilla Can Spice Up Your Business
Dentists Use Scent to Help Overcome Patient Anxiety

Price Skincare Clinic
Rosacea Awareness Series Part 1: Causes & Effects
Coming Soon: A Wearable Sensor that Measures Sun Exposure
Chemical Sunscreens vs. Mineral Sunscreens: Which One Is Right For You?

Richard Creative
Senator Marco Rubio Files Cigar Protection Bill
Customized Calendars: The Gift That Gives 365 Days of the Year
Three Things We Can Do That Your Home Printer Can’t

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