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Content Marketing: Not Your Grandmother’s PR

As an old world public relations manager transitioning to the new world of content marketing, I’m fascinated by the evolution of this (relatively) new form of marketing.

From old school press releases, print collaterals and on-location special events to today’s internet-driven blogsophere, social media platforms and live video events, the possibilities of reaching target audiences are endless.

A few years ago my life changed from living full-time in Europe to basing in the US and traveling back and forth for my work. Since I was stateside more often, I decided to do some freelance business writing to supplement my income.

I was fortunate to find work quickly, and the marketing manager I worked with introduced me to this new kid on the block called, ‘content marketing’. It wasn’t long after that I knew I’d found my ‘jam’ (as the kids say).

It just made sense to me.

  • Why not write stories that answer questions before they’re asked?
  • Why not leave a trail of virtual breadcrumbs for them to find you?
  • Why not use technology to multiply your marketing efforts x infinity?

I believe content marketing is the new ‘PR’.
It’s an incredible opportunity to put your message out there:

  • You don’t have to hope the media carries your story idea or press release – you publish it on your blog.
  • You don’t have to stock expensive brochures and collateral pieces only to find them out-of-date when products or prices change. You publish the information on your website.
  • You don’t have to pay a television station to run your spot – you shoot a video on your phone and post it on social media.
  • You don’t print expensive newsletters, fold and insert them into envelopes, buy stamps and lug them to the post office– you simply send your newsletter through an e-mail service provider.

Never before has the power to get your message out to your target audience been easier, more affordable and speedier.

And yet, there are still challenges.

  • It takes time, money and skill to keep websites up-to-date with fresh content.
  • It takes creativity, strategy and hard work to produce web and social media content that’s worth consuming. Not to mention content that builds authority, engages customers and gets results.
  • It also takes time and skill to choose images, format posts, do search engine optimization and all of the other tasks necessary to keep your in-house media machine well-oiled.

Clearly, content marketing has broken the proverbial glass ceiling of the press and paid media, but it’s still not a walk in the park. Companies, solopreneurs and organizations still need creatives who can strategize, produce content and post that content in the right place.

I’m excited about the future of content marketing. It combines everything good from the old world of public relations with everything good from the new world of internet, websites and social media.

And it’s definitely not your grandmother’s PR!

With the launch of this website, I’m officially putting myself ‘out there’ as a content marketing writer.

If you go to my about page, you’ll see from whence I’ve come.

If you go to my portfolio page, you’ll the some of the content marketing work I’ve done so far.

And if you go to my ‘work with me‘ page, you can contact me about working with you to develop content that builds authority, elevates your business above the competition and deepens ties to customers.

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